People that pay well over $100 for famous artist, but will not pay $10 to attend their own friend's event. is a platform to give local rappers the opportunity to display their skills during a rap battle which takes place via Facebook live on Sunday's. When only just asking their friends to support them by way of leaving a comment on a page, it is time and time again, astonishing to new artist how much effort their friends would NOT put towards helping them reach their dreams.

"I understand not being able to attend shows, or being able to purchase tickets or items from sponsors. It is very eye opening how much money people I would consider friends, will spend on clothes, perfumes and other stuff promoted by someone due mainly to popularity; but when I ask or text my friends to simply click on a link and leave a comment, which would help me out a lot in reaching my goals, ha nothing." Julie Harris

You can show support to your local rappers without spending any money, all you have to do is click and comment who you think will win this upcoming rap battle.